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Yubi-Hissan 4nensei

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Get the invaluable skill of computing!! The Japanese people are very famous for their ability of mathematics. Particularly, their skills of computing are amazing to the extent that many countries in the world try to adopt its methods of studying mathematics. This time, we, Bunkeido, will introduce one of the most important methods: the Japanese style of doing the sums on paper![The outline of the product] This product enables elementary school students to learn the right way of doing the sums on paper pleasantly.
★Bunkeido, Inc. is a publishing corporation with the long history of publishing a variety of teaching materials and inventing the valuable teaching tools. This time, by applying its valuable knowhow, Bunkeido succeeded in establishing the significant three steps method that lets elementary school students master the way of doing sums of paper!Step1 ⇒ Cells to fill with figures will appear in the screen. Therefore, you can put each figure in each cell. A system would cognize both final answers and figures written in the process of doing sums on paper.Step2 ⇒ Vertical lines that help you place each figure in a correct position will be set. Thus, you will be able to put figures in right positions. The system would judge only your final answer.Step3 ⇒ You will put figures in the blanks to write the process of computing without any help. The system would judge only your final answer.*You can confirm whether your answer is correct or wrong by putting a “checking” button.〔○: correct; ✔: wrong〕
Advantage of using our product!!・You can do computation practice as if you actually did in a notebook, since you directly write figures on the screen with your finger or a stylus pen. ・This product will let you avoid making mistakes in placing figures in each position. ・The product sets computational problems in ascending order of difficulty. That is why you can steadily improve your calculating ability. ・You can easily know where you make a mistake because of the system attached to Step1. The system checks each figure you write.
★Our product lets you study as if you were playing a video game!You will acquire medals and points when you get a perfect score on each stage on the map. You will advance your adventure in the game by winning the matches of computing against the enemies that would show up in each stage.*At the stages where the enemies appear (practical exercises), you must try to calculate in the style of Step3. The length of the time which it takes for you to finish computing would be recorded.
[Functions]・A release version comprises the computational problems of four arithmetic operations that should be learnt between 2nd grade and 5th grade in elementary school.・Besides the formal stages, the trial stage is provided so that users who are new to the product can be accustomed to writing figure on the screen.・The product adopts the superb three steps method.* *Please check the specific explanation mentioned above. ・Clicking “HELP” button will give you advice on how to advance your adventure and the way of solving the math problems.・Clicking “Check my score” will let you know the numbers of the medals and the points that you have got so far.